For Instructors

Bring lessons from The New Business Road Test to your students. Here you can find great resources for use in your classroom. John Mullins' case materials may be accessed from The Case Centre website and others are available through Pearson Education's Instructor Resource Centre.

From The Case Centre website:

Case study: Marston Venture Management (UK)

Case study: Indo US Ventures (India)

Case study series: Silverglide Surgical Technologies (USA)

Case study: Big Beautiful Hair (Canada)

Case study series: Concept Arbitrage in India (India) - Part A and Part B

Case study series: Visual Optical case series (Tunisia) - Part A

Case study series: The Loot (India) - Part A and Part B

From the Pearson Education Instructor Resource Centre:

There are several helpful documents available for download at the Pearson Education Instructor Resource Centre.

Here is the list of documents available for download:

- Suggested time schedule for a 15-week semester

- Links to other resources

- PowerPoint slides - for all all chapters

- The following Case studies:

    Case study: De Beers (doc) (0.1MB)

    Case study: NBRT (doc) (0.1MB)

    Case study: Organic cod (doc) (0.1MB)

    Case study: PCLens

    Case study: Red bicyclette

    Case study: Soul bakery (doc) (0.1MB)

    Case study: Wool compression (doc) (0.1MB)

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